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Etsy Marketing - 30 Day Sprint Plan and Worksheet

Etsy Marketing - 30 Day Sprint Plan and Worksheet

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This is a super fun worksheet that I made to use myself! I figured that focusing completely on Etsy for one whole month would make huge changes in my shop sales and business!

Whether or not you purchase the 30 day sprint page, make sure you join our Facebook accountability group! It is open to anyone looking to be consistent with their Etsy efforts!!

So this is a calendar you can use to track 30 days of Etsy shop focus. There are 6 areas that I am targeting...

1. Listing a new item everyday - One thing I do know from having done some research myself is that having over 100 items does help on Etsy. I am at 40 now so doing 60 more is one of my main goals. If I list an item every day in April I will be half way there!

2. Updating and renewing one item every day - I have heard and seen from my stats that renewing a product starts the ball rolling on views. Paying $.20 a day doesn't see like that much to pay for increased views.

3. Adding a new pic to an old item - I feel like I could be doing a way better job with my pictures so I am going to slowly start making them more fancy. One a day, just like the little engine that could.

4. Shop updates - Etsy has said that shop updates are a big part of their marketing plan going forward. That means that I am going to focus on this too..:) I am going to take my brand new picture and post it as a shop update!

5. Checked stats - They say what you measure increases. I am going to check my stats daily and see if I can get a feeling for what is working and what is not.

6. Answered convos - I sometimes forget to check these so this is just a little reminder to be vigilant about customer service as I sell more and more.


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Works well in ARC disc system planners from Staples or in a letter-sized three ring binder.


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