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Real Estate Planner, Agenda Calendar, Goal Setting, & Lead Tracking

Real Estate Planner, Agenda Calendar, Goal Setting, & Lead Tracking

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>> Please note! This is a printable planner that you can use over and over! <<

Thank you so much for checking out the Real Estate Agent Planner! My goal is to make your life easier and keep you on track and working effectively. There are many pages in this planner and the intention is not that you will use every one, everyday. Instead you should find a calendar that you like that lets you work effectively, and then pick and choose the forms that will help you get the job done!

I worked on this calendar with the amazing Deborah Ward who is a “planning machine”. She has figured out how to have an amazing real estate team, profitable business and still travel the world. Her input was invaluable to the effectiveness of this planner!

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions... tara [!at]


Last December I purchased you realtor tool kit and put it into play to be able to hit a goal of $100,000 in commissions this year. With your worksheets and a few other tools I will surpass my goaI by the end of September! December I will start goal setting for 2018 and I want you to continue to inspire me with your marketing genius! - Jodi, Remax

I can not brag on this planner enough! This is one of the best things I have invested my money in for my real estate career. I'm going on my 5th year in real estate and this plan has completely changed the face of my business. 

I have buyers coming our of my ears because I'm not losing track of them with the follow up plan that is laid out!! Thank you for creating this system I know that this will be my best year yet! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ~ Wyld Fox

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions...

Forms included:


  • Weekly Calendar Spread- For the Realtor who likes to be able to see their whole week at a glance, print duplexed to make it a calendar! n Daily
  • Appointment Calendar - This handy calendar page is great if you are established and running like a well oiled machine. With places to put your appointments, must dos and to dos, it helps you stay on track all day!
  • Monthly Perpetual Calendar - Great for doing your “ahead” planning of trips, kids vacations and critical due dates.
  • 3 Month Calendar - This one is good for when you want to be able to see your quarterly obligations all in one place! Do your goal setting, monthly must dos and plan for admin and work days.

Lead Generation

As we all know, real estate success is all about lead generation. Keeping your pipeline of prospects full is a full time job in and of itself. These forms will help make sure you don’t lose a lead ever again!

  • Listings Lead Sheet - Track your listing leads including connecting and followup
  • Buyers Lead Sheet - Track your buyer leads including connecting and followup.
  • Never Lose A Lead Sheet - There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling that you just forgot a lead. With this sheet you can make sure to followup in two days, two weeks and two months. The thing about having your leads together like this is that when you have some time (say at an open house) you can open up your planner and start dialing!


  • Referral Form - When I was an agent I did A LOT of referrals and never felt like I had a real handle on who was doing well with the leads I gave them and where they were in the process of the transaction (so I could get paid). This form will allow you to track your leads and figure out who does the best work for you!

Weekly Success Chart

This one is from the amazing Deborah Ward. She uses this to track her production for the week! Track your daily contacts, your listings and sales. If you are trying to make some big numbers, this is the perfect sheet to use!

Goal Setting

  • Giant Goals List - Sometimes it is hard to get all our goals out on paper. By sitting down and forcing yourself to write out 50 goals you realize things that you might never discover if you are just doing a basic goals sheet.
  • Running Goals Sheet - Tracking your GCI, listings and buyers is a great way to make sure your year is on the right track. And even though we can have many goals for the year, it really is hard to focus on more than a few things each month. Use this one to stay on track and monitor the progress of your goals!
  • Monthly Goals Sheet - There are many pieces of your business and it is good to look at all the dimensions each month so you can plan out your tasks. This one will let you scope out your marketing tasks and themes, social media goals and even upcoming birthdays. Additionally there is a place to record upcoming listings so when someone says give me a call in a couple of months, you can be Johnny On The Spot! 

33 Touch

  • 33 Touch Sheet - One of the coolest things about the book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, is that top real estate producers have a plan to call, email and direct mail their top connections 33 times a year. Functionally that is about every 11 days. To make things easier, I use a 36 touch schedule so you can do three things a month to connect with your database.

Open Houses

  • Open House Checklist - I am a huge proponent of open houses and this is a great way to make sure you are prepared and that your efforts are worth while.
  • Open House Signin Form - You should be collecting names, emails and addresses of everyone who attends your open houses. This sheet will let you gather names of potential prospects.


  • There are three different cover designs to use for your planner!


This standard sized paper listing is an instant download, digital product that you can start using right now! There will be no physical product shipped.


  • You will receive 1 PDF printable file that you print and start working with immediately. 
  • Video extras - There is a link at the bottom of each of the forms to a video showing how to use your Realtor Planner.


Works well in ARC disc system planners from Staples or in a letter-sized three ring binder.


All materials for download are the property of Tara L. Jacobsen, and Tara L. Jacobsen, PA.  The materials for download are for personal use only and not for distribution.  If you would like a license for use with your team or company, please email me.

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