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About us

Tara JacobsenThis shop is presented by Tara L. Jacobsen, owner of Marketing Artfully and Paperly People. It is full of forms, worksheets, calendars and courses, meant to help you increase your business and organize your life. Marketing Artfully and Paperly People are founded and owned by Tara Jacobsen. She is dedicated to helping small business owners, Etsy shop owners, Authors, Realtors and entrepreneurs. By providing classes and worksheets about sales, blogging, social networking, online and offline marketing, Tara helps her clients and prospects succeed. Her 15+ years of business and marketing experience are vital to the success of these programs and her clients!

Tara has been marketing obsessed for YEARS! In the .com heyday she worked at Digital Chainsaw as the Executive Producer of Web Design and Development and since then has owned a marketing company with a brief dip into real estate for a couple of years. She has successfully helped many entrepreneurs develop a plan for marketing and business success that focuses on client contact, systems for success and lead generation.

Tara is also an accomplished business author, speaker, and coach with classes that include Business Strategy, Social Media Marketing, SEO and Website Marketing, Motivation, Goal Setting and more!

If you need to get in touch please feel free to email me at