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Blogging Planner - Great For Bloggers and Content Creators | PDF Printable

Blogging Planner - Great For Bloggers and Content Creators | PDF Printable

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Thank you so much for getting this blogging planner! I hope it changes your life like it has mine... I made this originally because I needed to get my blogging in order. I had decided to “get serious” about it and needed a way to organize all my thoughts in some coherent manner!

With over 20 pages of great information, you will be able to make sure your blogging is an organized, well oiled machine. 

First off, please know that no one uses all of the pages all of the time. This is meant to be a working planner so if you are scoping out ideas, you would use the mind maps. If you are targeting a new niche, you would use the keyword tools and if you are just bursting with ideas you would use the blog post ideas sheet.


Blog Post Ideas - Just jot down all your thoughts in a jumble. Use the squares to note which ones are done by filling them out completely and which ones are in draft by coloring in half the square.

Editorial Calendar - This one is great if you are planning on writing two posts a week. You can plot out your titles and then track your progress.

Big Blog Goals This Month - It is really easy to get in the grind and forget the big picture. I LOVE this sheet because once a month I take a look back and see what is working and how I have progressed since the previous month.

Blog Views & Stats - When you are just getting started it is thrilling to watch your numbers go up and up and up. Use this to track daily visits.

Keyword Research - The best writing in the world won’t matter if no one can find it. Use this one to pick your keywords and scope out the competition!

Monthly Keyword Focus - I use this one when I am doing my editorial calendar for the month. It helps me to have a comprehensive plan rather than just a bunch of posts I am writing.

Keyword Domination - This is another one that I used before there even was a blog planner. I like doing series of posts that all help me dominate a keyword.

Affiliate or Promotion Partners - If you are looking to monetize your blog, you need to start focusing on who you can partner with to increase your revenue. This will help you with reaching out to potential sponsors.

7 Streams of Income - Speaking of making money, if you are monetizing your blog, you can use this form to track all your sources of income. I count some of them (like shopify sales) on the day they are made and some of them (like amazon sales) on the day I get paid.

3 Month Overview - Sometimes you just want to be able to plot things out a little further. Having a three month view is a great way to plan your quarterly blog goals and promotions.

Content Calendar (One Page) - This one is for scoping out your posts, newsletters, photos and videos. It is great if you just want to have a high level view of what you should be doing on any given day!

Content Calendar (Weekly Spread) - Nothing I have made before has EVER made such an impact on my business. I use this daily to scope out my blog posts, track the newsletters I have sent and note when I already have photos done. It was truly a game changer for me!

2 Different Mind Mapping Sheets - One of the gals who helped with the design of this planner suggested it and I actually LOVE using this visual aid to kind of figure out how all my blog posts are connected.

Inspirations / Sites I Love / People To Follow - It is fun how many people who helped with this really wanted a form to track their inspirations. You can use this so you don’t “lose” someone or something that might help you in the future!

3 Different Covers - You choose which one you want or swap them out depending on how you are feeling that month!


This standard sized paper listing is an instant download, digital product that you can start using right now! There will be no physical product shipped.


You will receive a 20 page PDF that will have everything you need to get going.

Video extras - There is a link at the bottom of the forms to a video showing how to use them.


Works well in ARC disc system planners from Staples or in a letter-sized three ring binder.


All downloaded files are copyright Tara L. Jacobsen, PA. (Paperly People)

These downloads are for personal use only, or to be shared with an assistant to facilitate your work. If you would like team or company pricing just shoot me a convo.


Paperly People is a division of, a 15 year old marketing company serving Lifestyle Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Realtors and Authors. Tara is obsessed with productivity, goal setting and time management.

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