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Coaches Planner | Business Planner For Life, Business, Fitness, Relationship or Any Other Kind of Coaching Program, Calendar for Coaches

Coaches Planner | Business Planner For Life, Business, Fitness, Relationship or Any Other Kind of Coaching Program, Calendar for Coaches

$ 17.50

YAY YOU! I am so glad you are finally ready to get serious about organizing your time, your marketing and your business.This planner will help you with that and so much more!

First off... about your time! One of the first things that people always worry about when thinking about “managing” their time is that they will feel constricted and all the joy will go out of the world. I am here to tell you that is not so! I manage my work time so I can spend MORE time with my kids, go out to lunch with friends and attend “out of my home office” trainings. It is when your time is not managed that you feel guilty about doing anything but work. Use these planner pages to really start to know where your time is going and what you can accomplish with F-O-C-U-S!

Get to work on your business! Time management is great, but so is making money! I developed this planner so that you can track each day exactly what you need to do to grow your business.

You get to win! One last thing... as a work from home person, there are many days that no one says we did great work or even notices that we are grinding it out. Our loved ones might be supportive, but they really don’t “get” why we are working so hard. Having your own goals and accomplishing them daily means that you get to win EVERY DAY. Maybe no one else noticed today, but you will know and be a winner-winner-chicken-dinner.

Pages Included:


• Daily Appointment Calendar - This handy calendar page is great if you are established and running like a well oiled machine. With places to put your appointments, must dos and to dos, it helps you stay on track all day!

• Daily Goals Sheet- Includes things like daily to dos, appointments, affirmations, tasks, grateful fors, and ideas

• Weekly Goals Sheet - Use this to scope out upcoming events, plan ahead and keep from dropping any balls!

• Month At A Glance Planner Page (Sun-Sat and Mon-Sun) - Last but not least is the perpetual monthly planner page that is great for tracking high level appointments, kids days off from school and so much more!

• 3 Months (Sun-Sat and Mon-Sun) - Whether you like to plan your weeks Sunday through Saturday or Monday through Sunday, this three month planner page will work great!


• Coaching Clients Opportunity Sheet - Great for all the random people who contact you with questions about your services.

• Detailed Lead/Client Sheet - Stupendous to use when you have a discovery call to see if you will a good fit with a prospective client. The added bonus is that you can use this as their client sheet too!

• Client Followup Sheet - Track your client’s progress, next steps, currently working on and calendaring your next appointment.

• Social Media For Coaches - A really easy way to track all of your social media efforts for the week!


• Setting Up Your Coaching Products - A super neat way to scope out the competition and decide what offerings you are going to have in your business.

• Ideas Sheet - If you are anything like me you have great ideas for new products, services, books, videos and more all day, every day! This is an idea sheet that you can use to get these out of your head and onto a piece of paper!

• Big Ideas - Sometimes your ideas outgrow one little line in which case they become a big idea. Big ideas need to be scoped out with the big ideas sheet.

• Little Projects - Once you have your Big Ideas scoped out, you can drill down (where needed) with a Little Projects sheet.


• Loving On Your Customers Sheet - This on can be used for each customer or for your entire database. Simply contact all your “A List” people at least once a month with emails, direct mail and phone calls.


2 Custom Covers To Choose From!


This standard sized paper listing is an instant download, digital product that you can start using right now! There will be no physical product shipped.


Getting Started Sheet - There is a getting started sheet so you don't have to guess how to use the system.

You will receive 1 PDF printable file that you print and start working with immediately.

Video extras - There is a link at the bottom of each of the forms to a video showing how I use mine.


Works well in ARC disc system planners from Staples or in a letter-sized three ring binder.


All downloaded files are copyright Tara L. Jacobsen, PA. (Paperly People)

These downloads are for personal use only, or to be shared with an assistant to facilitate your work. If you would like team or company pricing just shoot me an email.

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