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Effective Entrepreneurs Business Planner

Effective Entrepreneurs Business Planner

$ 17.50

Have you ever thought to yourself, "if I could just get organized I would be UNSTOPPABLE!" I think you would be surprised how many successful entrepreneurs feel that way.

We are creative and smart, talented and full of ideas, but maybe not as good at details and making sure that everything gets done in a systematized way. 

Instead we spend our days jumping around from one great idea to the next without completing much and just running on the hamster wheel. BUT NO MORE!

I have spent the last 15 years setting up systems for how to manage my time, organize my daily, weekly and monthly to dos and lastly how to wrangle my ideas (which are legion). I have set up worksheets and calendar pages that act as bumpers, keeping me in the middle of the lane and working effectively!

There are four main parts to the planner:

  • Calendaring Your Way
  • Time Management
  • To Do Lists
  • Big Ideas

With over 27 pages of great information, you will be able to make sure your business and life are an organized, well oiled machine. 

Once you have all these fundimentals under control, developing new products and making more money becomes a breeze!

This AMAZING Entrepreneur Business Planner has all of the calendaring functions you need PLUS ways to manage your To Do Lists, Time and Capture and Implement all of your Big Ideas!

With over 27 pages of great information, you will be able to make sure your business and life are an organized, well oiled machine.

Once you have all these fundimentals under control, developing new products and making more money become easier.


Calendaring Your Way

In most planners you have to pick one or two ways to manage your time as if we all work the same way. But this calendar let’s you print out all different kinds of calendar pages at will.

This works amazing for me as I go through the year and need different kinds of organization at different times. In the beginning of the year I have LOTS of to-dos and appointments and in the summer I am struggling to find time to work around my littles being home.

I just use different pages depending on what I have going family or work wise.

  • Daily Appointment Calendar  
  • Daily Goal Sheets*
  • Weekly “At A Glance” Spread – (you get 2 versions so you can pick either with notes or without)
  • Weekly Goals Sheet*
  • Monthly Calendar – (you get both the Mon-Sun and Sun-Sat versions)
  • Monthly Goals Sheet* 
  • 3 Month Calendar Overview – (you get both the Mon-Sun and Sun-Sat versions)
  • 2016 Annual Overview Calendar Page 

*includes a video walkthrough of the form

Time Management

One of the big things that entrepreneurs struggle with is time. Somehow we feel like there is somehow enough time in the day to accomplish everything we want. These time management forms will help you to get handle on your time and what can actually be accomplished.

  • Where Did My Time Go – This is a brilliant worksheet for Entrepreneurs, use it to track your time for a week and find out what you love to do, what you can get rid of and what you should be handing off to someone else *
  • Color Coding Your Perfect Week (for Early Birds & Night Owls) – There is no way you can feel like you have succeeded if you don’t know the goal, scoping out your perfect week will let you see exactly how your time should be spent *

*includes a video walkthrough of the form

To Do List Kit

Wrangling all of your to-dos can be a challenge sometimes. The lists can be LONG and not so productive. This system will help you take care of all those things that keep falling through the cracks.

Wish List – You know all those things that you think you can get to but never do? those should be on a wish list that you might get to someday*
Monthly To Do List – A specific list of things that you want to get done this month*
Working Monthly To Do List – This allows you to get your todos in some kind of hierarchical order*
*includes a video walkthrough of the form

Big Ideas Kit

This is the section that may have saved me the most time in my business EVER. Instead of actually making websites and buying domains and starting projects, I just scope out my big ideas on paper. Some of them did make it to the production queue but most of them petered out when I really started thinking about them.

There is NOTHING wrong with having lots of big ideas, it is just important that you make sure that they are going to be something that you complete, and not just something that is going to waste your time.

  • Ideas – A comprehensive list of all the products and services you could ever make*
  • Big Ideas – At this step you have picked one particular idea to start to develop more fully…lots of spots for scoping out your idea*
  • Little Products – Now that you know the big things that need to be done, you can drill down to specific tasks that you have to get done to be able to ship something complete out*
  • *includes a video walkthrough of the form


Last but not least is a printable page that you can use as a cover for your planner! I love the Winston Churchill quote, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”


This standard sized paper listing is an instant download, digital product that you can start using right now! There will be no physical product shipped.


You will receive a 27 page PDF that will have everything you need to get going.

Video extras - There is a link at the bottom of many of the forms to a video showing how to use them.

Getting Started - Many of the videos have a link to a getting started post that will walk you through the entire worksheet!


Works well in ARC disc system planners from Staples or in a letter-sized three ring binder.


All downloaded files are copyright Tara L. Jacobsen, PA. (Paperly People)

These downloads are for personal use only, or to be shared with an assistant to facilitate your work. If you would like team or company pricing just shoot me a convo.


Paperly People is a division of, a 15 year old marketing company serving Lifestyle Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Realtors and Authors. Tara is obsessed with productivity, goal setting and time management.

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