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How To Build A Social Media Empire - Amazing Author Series

How To Build A Social Media Empire - Amazing Author Series

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YAY, Your Book Is Done! If you have been around for any length of time you have heard that now you need to build an “author platform”.

This is a way for you to get the word out about your amazing book and to sell more copies. But for all the talk about this, I rarely see good solid information in marketplace about how to actually make a platform!

Luckily for you, you found this course and are going to have a step by step guide on how to set up your social media empire!

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You KNOW you need an author platform to sell more books, but how the heck do you get started?

Find out how to build a social media empire so you can attract more readers and increase your book sales!

This is my sweet spot! Growing big social networks and attracting just the right kind of friends and followers to "buy my stuff" is easy for me and I can teach you how to do that on your social media too!


How to find friends and pages to follow so you can grow your FB network.


Such a great place to market your books and connect with readers!


No author platform is complete without book trailers and author videos!


How to set up your LinkedIn profile to sell and attract your perfect readers.


Maybe the BEST marketing tool for selling books that I have EVER seen!

Real Life Examples

Over 20 real life examples of posts that are getting likes and shares on social right now!

Canva Tutorial

Learn to use this free graphics tool to make banners that clicked and likes!

How To Build A Social Media Empire (Amazing Authors Series)

This online course is made just for authors. Whether you are a fiction or nonfiction author, you have to have a way to reach your current readers (raving fans) AND new readers who want to buy your books.

>> The class includes 6 videos, a study guide, real life examples and even a BONUS hashtag cheat sheet. It is a great start for building your marketing empire!

>> Get immediate access...this is an online course that will be available whenever you are! As soon as you sign up you will get a welcome email where you will get all three pieces of the course (no dorky login or can download it and get going immediately!)

>> Made for authors! This is not some kind of high-level marketing course that will be over your head, instead it is made for authors who need to know practically all the pieces of getting their social media set up. 

Whether you have one book or several, this course is for YOU!

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25 Minute bonus video answering some great questions like:
  • How To Set Up Twitter
  • How To Target Readers
  • What If I Am Starting From Zero
  • And What To Do If You Are Using A Pen Name


- - -

So far still processing what I'm learning from the author platform mini course. The video on Twitter alone was worth every penny for me, as I was unfamiliar with how versatile search can be for finding new leads.

John Allen, Author Henry In A Hurry

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