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Internet Marketing Worksheets

Internet Marketing Worksheets

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Internet Marketing Worksheets | Great For Bloggers, Email Marketing, Sales Funnel, Email Autoresponders, Blogging, Blog, Blogger

If you have been blogging for any period of time you have probably thought from time to time about doing one of those fancy sales funnels using email marketing that all the "big guys" talk about.

But who can get all those details figured out in your head? Not me for sure!

So I made two different worksheets for doing those sales funnels the easy way.


This one is more a brainstorming sheet for me where I scope out the ideas for my sales funnel and can see all the pieces easily. There are:

• Places for ideas and blog post title
• Note the pictures you are going to make
• Your social media posts
• The email autoresponder sequences that you are going to use

I tend to use this one when I have a simple little sales funny that just need to knock out.


Sometimes I have a big giant sales funnel that feels like it has way to many moving parts. I have to do it over multiple days and I want to make sure that I have all the ideas down so that I can check them off as I go. Includes:

• Sales funnel scoping
• Followup emails with scheduling
• Detailed pictures
• Social media posts

Each will work as a way to set up your sales funnels, it just depends how detailed your marketing campaign is to decide which one to pick.


You will receive 2 PDF printable files that you print and start working with immediately. You will also receive a getting started guide that will walk you through all the sections!

BONUS Video extra - this listing includes a video walkthrough of all the sections with directions and recommendations of how to use this worksheet.


Works well in ARC disc system planners from Staples or in a letter-sized three ring binder.


All downloaded files are copyright Tara L. Jacobsen, PA. (Paperly People)

These downloads are for personal use only, or to be shared with an assistant to facilitate your work. If you would like team or company pricing just shoot me an email.

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