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Where Did My Time Go? Time Management Tool

Where Did My Time Go? Time Management Tool

$ 1.00

If you have ever spent days, weeks or even months feeling like your business is running you, this is the time management tool for you!

Spend a week using log to find out what you do everyday and earn back months of freedom from doing things you hate!

An amazing entrepreneur tool, this productivity tool is made for lifestyle bloggers, Realtors, mlm-ers, etsy sellers, business pros and people who want to keep their lives livable.

Included... free video walkthrough to explain how to fill out the form!


Part of the system used here is the exact way that President Eisenhower decided what was important when running our country. I figure if it is good enough to run the US, it is good enough for us! Mr. Eisenhower used this exact system of determining what was Urgent or Important.


This listing is an instant download, digital product that you can start using right now! There will be no physical product shipped.


You will receive a PDF printable file that you print and start working with immediately.

Video extras - this listing includes a video walkthrough of all the sections with directions and recommendations of how to use these daily planner notebook pages.


This 8.5X11 PDF works well in ARC disc system planners from Staples or in a letter-sized three ring binder.

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